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Renegades Baseball Camps
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2020 Renegades Camps General Info



Due to COVID-19, we are taking extra precautions to ensure that all campers enjoy a safe and fun camp experience at Dutchess Stadium, and we will follow CDC, DOH and NY State’s recommendations and guidelines pertaining to day camps and to the overall health and safety of campers, visitors and staff. We have outlined these precautions below.


Camper health is the utmost importance. If your camper does not feel well or has a temperature, please keep them at home. All campers will be temperature checked (forehead scan) at check-in of each day. If a camper has a high temperature (100°) reading, then they will be sent home. Campers will be required to have masks/face coverings in their possession at all times, and they will be asked to wear their masks/face coverings outside when social distancing is not possible and at all times while inside. During periods of activity (drills, game play, etc.), masks/face coverings are not recommended nor will they be required.


Campers will be divided into groups of no more than 12 players. Each group will be assigned a coach, who will be with them throughout the camp, and given a team name. Groups will rotate through various stations each day, which are located at a safe distance from each other throughout the ballpark. We will take group requests. If you do not have a grouping request, your child will be placed with campers of a similar age.


There will be one camp director who will oversee all of the camp operations and staff, ensuring that camp is on time and everyone is staying safe. Once coach will be assigned to a group of no more than 12 kids. This coach will be with the kids through every station and throughout the entire camp. We will have 1 EMT on site to monitor any injuries and the general health of the campers. The Renegades staff will also be assisting in the administration and operational duties of the camp and will have minimal contact with campers outside of check-in and check-out.


Check-in and check-out will take place at the main gates of Dutchess Stadium. Multiple check-in/check-out stations will be set up and staffed to provide quality social distancing throughout the check-in/check-out process. Social distance floor markers will be placed at each station to assist in proper queueing. Hand sanitizer will be available at each check-in/check-out station, and staff will be wearing masks. Each group will be notified prior to the first day of camp what their group number/name is. This group name/number will be marked on the check-in/check-out station and you will use the same station for the entirety of the camp. Campers will immediately go to their assigned group & coach after check-in and will be with their group & coach at check-out.


Campers will rotate through stations throughout each day. These stations are safely distanced around the ballpark. Coaches and Renegades staff will assist in cleaning/sanitizing the stations between groups. Each station will have hand sanitizer and campers will sanitize to start and finish at each station.


Campers will be served a meal at lunch time. Lunch will consist of pre-packed items, a cooked protein and bottled water or canned soda. Lunches will be bagged and handed to campers by Food & Beverage staff wearing gloves and mask. The final day of camp will be a pizza party. Pizza will be served to campers by Food & Beverage staff wearing gloves and mask. Campers will eat with their designated group in an area that allows for proper spacing. A snack shop will be open for campers to purchase additional packaged food items and additional beverages.

Campers MUST bring their own water/sports drinks. There will NOT be community water coolers and or fill up stations. Please ensure that your camper has enough water/sports drinks to last them through each day.


Campers MUST bring all of their own equipment. For safety reasons, extra helmets, bats, gloves, etc. will NOT be available for use. Any shared equipment (baseballs, etc.) will be disinfected regularly.